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Daily Dialogue Questions



Awesome Collection of Dialogue Questions!!! - 18 pages!!! Over 1,000 great dialogue questions to bring you and your spouse ever closer!

Dialogue Companion - excellent set of dialogue questions following the weekend outline.

Dialogue Question of the Day

To receive the dialogue question of the day:  Please note, these questions tend to be on the serious/heavy side, so you wouldn't want to do a steady diet of questions from this particular source.

1. Send an e-mail to listserv@wwme.org that has the following in the body of the message:

subscribe dq John & Mary Dialoguer

(Please use your own name in John & Mary's place)

2. Wait for a response from the listserv. When the response comes, reply to the message and put "ok" as the message body.

3. When listserv gets your reply, you will be added to the list and will get a confirmation message.

Dialogue on Daily Reflections for Married Couples

Many couples dialogue on the Daily Reflection for Married Couples.  Follow the link to begin receiving.

Dialog Questions from Daily Life

We often use questions from our daily life.  How do we feel about things are going on in our lives, our children's lives, etc.   Dialogue questions like:

How do I feel about the party last night?

How do I feel about Michael's Birthday coming up?

How do I feel about Billy missing the bus yesterday?

How do I feel about the amount of time John has been on the phone lately?

We always dialogue on major purchases or time commitments

When one of us is out of town and our days are totally different, we use open ended dialogue questions: (these are also good when you can't think of anything specific.)

What feeling do I want to share with you today?

What was my strongest feeling today?

Our reevaluation question is:

How do I feel about us right now?

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